Information About Your Contract: 

Payment Terms: The payment term spans 12 months and is scheduled for the same date each month, with payment made via bank transfer. 

Website Ownership: For the initial 12 months, TradeTechMate (TTM) retains ownership of the website. After this period, ownership is transferred to you, and you have the freedom to switch to another service provider. We kindly request that you inform us within your final month if you intend to transfer the website. No hard feelings! 

Domain Ownership: You own the domain from the outset. If you decide to transfer it at any time, please let us know. Until such time, we will manage and maintain its security on your behalf. 

Monthly Billable Work: Each month, you are allocated 90 minutes of billable work, which includes any desired changes to your website. Additional purchased services or extras are not deducted from this allotted time. You have the option to bank up to 30 minutes per month until the end of the year. For example, if you bank 30 minutes in months 1 and 2, you will have 150 minutes available in month 3. These banked minutes can be used for significant site upgrades or any billable work. 

Time Management: We meticulously log your time to ensure it’s effectively utilized. Depending on the distance involved, travel time may consume a portion of your allocated minutes. 

We hope this revised explanation of the contract terms clarifies any questions you may have. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you require further information or have any concerns. 

Utilization of Your Allotted Minutes

Your allocated minutes are versatile and can be employed to address an array of your technological requirements. To provide clarity, here are some illustrative examples: 

  • Technical Guidance: Assisting you in locating reputable repair services for damaged mobile devices. 
  • Strategic Procurement: Identifying cost-effective yet high-performance laptops or computers tailored to your business needs. 
  • Spreadsheets Expertise: Resolving formula-related intricacies within your quoting spreadsheets, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. 
  • Email Configuration: Configuring email accounts on your mobile devices for seamless communication. 
  • Content Integration: Incorporating content provided by you into your website, ensuring a cohesive online presence. 
  • Website Enhancements: Implementing alterations or improvements to your website. Separate to this would be any service or technology-related issues, all of which fall under our guarantee of quality service. 

These examples underscore the comprehensive support we extend to cater to your diverse tech needs. Should you require further clarification or additional services, our team remains at your disposal to ensure your technological journey is seamless and productive.